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Getting CNRC Updates


The Chippewa does not have a newsletter. Instead, we use an email list called the Switchlist to share railroad information as well as relay upcoming events and railroad projects. If you are interested in joining the switchlist, send us an email ( 

Seward County Museum


Volunteers to the Chippewa are encouraged to join the Seward County Historical Society. See the Society's pages for dues and where to send them. We are very privileged for the Society to provide us with such a nice place to have a live steam railroad. Your support goes a long way to keep the Museum going, as well as the railroad. 

Other scale railroads


Camp Creek Railroad
Located near Waverly, Nebraska. 1 1/2 inch scale

Lincoln Area Railway Historical Society
Small scale models (mostly N, HO) in Lincoln, Nebraska

St Croix Railroad
Located near Hudson, Wisconsin. Has tracks for 1 1/2 inch, 1 inch, and 3/4 inch scales. Spring and Fall public meets, as well as monthly public run day



  • How much does it cost to ride a train?
  • Out at the track in Goehner, there is no charge for tickets, but we accept donations to help us keep up the railroad.

  • How can I get into this hobby?
  • Come out to the tracks on public run days and work days. 



  • What powers the trains?
  • Many of our engines are 1:12 scale live steam engines, so run on coal and steam power. Other trains model more modern diesel engines, and run on batteries.

  • How much can the trains pull?
  • The engines vary in their pulling power, but can pull more than you might think. Our riding cars are mostly rated for 400 pounds; we typically load up to 3 children or 1 adult and 1 child per riding car.